Labila Carpentry Wooden & Plastic Pallet Manufacturers , Suppliers

Labila is one of the Wooden Pallet Manufacturer located in Sharjah, U.A.E. Our main activities are manufacturing wooden pallets , plastic pallets, supply used pallets , skids .. etc We are one of the most important merchants of wood and plywood industry, established mainly in manufacturing and packaging that include wooden pallets, solid wood box, pinewood pallets and plywood pallets.

Our products

  • Block Pallets
  • Double-Wing Pallet
  • Four-Way Stringer Pallet
  • Non-Reversible Pallet
  • Reversible Pallet
  • Single-Face Pallet
  • Single-Wing Pallet
  • Skid Pallet
  • Solid Deck Pallet
  • Two-Way Stringer Pallet

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Since 1975, Labila Carpentry has been committed to ethically supplying the highest quality products .

We're one of the top suppliers of wooden pallets in areas like Sharjah, Dubai and other parts of UAE. Get in touch with us if you're interested for a deal.


Box No 22232
Al Saja-a , Sharjah
United Arab Emirates

+971 50 481 5841
+971 50 154 0759 (Mobile)

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